Sai Hari

Staff Data Engineer



With a name like SSH, you probably came here expecting me to tell you about networking or security or some other third thing.

Sorry! I can't help you with that.

So what's up with the SSH? I'm sure you're dying to find out. Well, it turns out those are just my initials. Also, it sounds kind of cool and it rhymes.

Put it all together and we end up with you just as confused about what I do and me wasting a perfectly good elevator pitch trying to explain my name.

If you stuck with me for this long then here's what I do. I build things.

I used to build things at RSA Security.

Today I build things at Dragos.

And yes. Don't worry. The irony isn't lost on me.

Here's a couple of highlights:

  • React for the frontend
  • Node for the backend
  • Python for the data pipelines
  • Elasticsearch for the data storage / retrieval
  • Docker and Kubernetes for the services
  • AWS for the cloud and Terraform to codify the infrastructure
  • Lua to fuel that sweet sweet Neovim life